How to develop the shoe segment attached to foot during a clutch pedal operation

Hello AnyBody,
I want to develop a muscleskeleton model which representative a driver during a clutch pedal operation. However, the way of connecting the foot to the pedal in the examples of PedalDemo is
AnySphericalJoint FootPedal=
AnyRefNode &Pedal=Main.Model.EnvironmentModel.Pedal.FootNode;
AnyRefNode &Foot=Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Right.Leg.Seg.Foot.FootBall;
In reality, the driver compresses the pedal through the shoe attached to foot when driving a car, and the clearance of the foot and the pedal cannot be ignored in ergonomics. In the process of pedal designing , we consider the contour and dimension of shoes of 95 percent or 50 percent of human rather than the foot. So if I want to simulate the accurate driver-pedals interaction, how can I do ?
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Hi Michael,

If you think a spherical joint is an ok assumption but you want to control the thickness of the shoe this is easy to change. This can be done by altering the sRel value of the node on the foot, used in the spherical joint.

You can also create an entirely new node on the foot for this purpose.

There are also many other type of joints available in AnyBody

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