How to draw the muscle activity of a specific muscle


I am working on a model where I am interested in the finding the specific muscle activities (For example anterior (DA) and posterior (DP) portions of deltoid), but in the output tree I only find the maximum muscle activity overall. Any hints about coding so that I can draw the specific muscle activity out?

I have been using the AMMR model and have my model attached in this post.

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project - (243.0 KB)

Hi Katharine815ny,

You have to navigate down the output tree to find what you are asking for. Here is an example from your model:


You can use the * as a wildcard if you need to display several muscles, sides etc. in the chart e.g.:


But you can also find more information on this tutorial: Lesson 3: Reviewing Analysis Results — AnyBody Tutorials v7.3.0

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Kristoffer Iversen

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Thanks for your excellent example-making!


Hi Kristoffer,

Could you also tell me how to draw the absolute velocity of the hand from my model? By now I only find how the coordinates of the hand change.

Thanks a lot.

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