How to driver the detail hand in the MoCapModel

Dear experts,
In the MoCapModel, I change the model and add myself C3D file,the step as follow:
1 The model was loaded successfully with the detail hand. The code as <#define BM_ARM_DETAIL_HAND_TIGHT ON> and<#define BM_ARM_DETAIL_HAND_LEFT ON> and add some drivers and position about the fingers.
2 The model was run successfully with the detail hand when C3D file driver the model without the detail hand.
3 For this step,the model was drived with the finger marker,but there are ERROR as <ERROR(SCR.PRS9) : F:/AMMR-fo…141008/s…4/5…g/I…t/Markers.any(222)> Defined at : F:/A…8/Body/A…n/T…x/M…p/CreateMarkerDriverClass.any(82):‘AnatomicalFrame’:>
The codes as follow:
CreateMarkerDriver RFIN (
MarkerName= RFIN,
Model1=MotionAndParameterOptimizationModel,Model2= InverseDynamicModel,
) = {
sRelOpt = {0,0,0};

The first question,in the MarkerPlacement,when change the code to ‘Main.Studies.HumanModel.BodyModel.Right.ShoulderArm.Seg.Radius’,the model was loaded successfully,why???

The seconde question,why the template do not allow the Additional segment?

Thank you for your time and consideration, English is not my mother tongue, please forgive my description is not very clear.


Unfortunately, our MoCap model was not tested with the use of detail hand model.
So we can’t guarantee that our MoCap model will work with detail hands.

There are some issues about that.

For instance, this class template( CreateMarkerDriverClass ) requires some assumptions in the target segments.
This may be one of the reasons why this class template is not suitable for some extra segments.

If you want to make this working, then you should modify this class template and change the code for detail hands in AMMR.

We should see how many requirements from our users regarding the use of detail hands with MoCap are there.

But thanks for your question and we will consider it for next release.

Best regards,