How to export the boundary of joint?


Rencently, I am studying how to using the AnyFE2 tool. I have a question that how to begin the FEA anlysis of joints?Because it seems the tutorials of anybody only explain how to export the boundary of a single bone. Now i already know that i can build the refframe at bone, then the tool of AnyFE2 can export the boundary. But if i want FEA results of simuluate the knee joint or Intervertebral disc, what i should to do?

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Hi @YangChen

You can add the data you need to drive your FE model to the AnyMechOutputFileForceExport class and then use those as inputs to your FE model.

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Hi Bjorn:

Thank for you help. I have other question. I note that this command( AnyMechOutputFileForceExport )can export the boundary conditions for multiple segments, so I wonder if it is possible to perform FEA analysis for multiple segments at the same time.
For example:

  1. I imported a complete L4-L5 lumbar spine model into ABAQUS, mesh and set material.
  2. The boundary conditions of L4-L5 ( XML format) were export using anybody.
  3. Use AnyFE2 tool to get the final outpit.inp file.
  4. Import output.inp into ABAQUS for analysis.

Actually, I already did this , but when importing the output.inp into abaqus i recieve warnings, namely "The keyword is misplaced. It can be suboption for the following keyword xxx "(picture 1). In fact, when I tried to analyze a single segment, I can solve this problem by removing the *part.*assembly keyword from the mesh inp file. However, when I tried to analyze multiple segments, this method can imported the model, but can't begin to analyze because all the loads were at the origin of the coordinate system(picture 2).



I can uploaded my mesh file (this time I used HyperMesh to meshing , but the problem is still that all loads are at origin of coordinate system)and the output.inp file, it would be nice if you could test it on your computer.

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