How to get a certain moment of force through AnyFE2Abq plugin

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I conducted inverse dynamics analysis through MoCapModel, and asked whether the force derived from AnyFE2Abq plug-in was generated at a certain moment or at all moments in the process of movement, and whether the force at a certain moment could be obtained through Abaqus software.

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The AnyFE2Abq export should be the forces over time, is that not what your export contains?
I'm not sure what you mean by

could you elaborate on that?

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Hi @ccran,

The output file generated by AnyMechOutputFileForceExport contains everything, the entire dynamic picture of the modelled system. When applying AnyFE2Abq to the output data - you generate an Abaqus input deck, which should have loading tables ( force/moment over time using *AMPLITUDE keyword). You can specify a particular moment in time in your Abaqus analysis, and, if everything is done right, it should get you what you need.

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