How to Import Macro to AnyBodyCon

Dear All

I write a macro file and I intend to run it via AnyBodyCon
But I don’t know how ti import it to AnyBodyCon.exe
I am using AnyBody 5.2
The Macro file and AnyBodyCon.exe are in the same folder . In fact I install AnyBody 5.2 and then copy the Macro file in to the same direction with AnyBodyCon.exe
when I type : AnyBodyCon MyMacro.anymcr
it says : Error command expected

When I type load MyMacro.anymcr
it says: Main file is expected
any idea ?
Many thanks for your help and your time


Please do not confuse AnyBodyCon.exe command line arguments and the commands. The commands will load Main file of your AnyScript, run an operation, and exit. Please check the reference manual and tutorials. But AnyBodyCon.exe is just an executable and will use something else as input - e.g. a name of an anymacro file using /m option.

Type ‘AnyBodyCon.exe /?’ to check for further details.


Many thanks for your response but it did not work
look at what i did :
I run AnuBodyCon.exe
it was opened !!!
and the I type : AnyBodyCon.exe/m macro.anymcr
I tried all of the possible combination and it always says: Error Command expected
It seems AnyBodyCon.exe is not a valid command
Why ???
I am getting mad !

  1. If you open AnyBodyCon, you should run commands that are specifically designed for this mode of work. Such as run/load/exit/etc.

  2. AnyBodyCon.exe /m mymacro.anymcr will only work from the command line and for that you would need an AnyMacro file that contains commands from 1.

  3. As I mentioned in another thread - type AnyBodyCon.exe /? from the command line to see possible options.


Dear Pavel ,
I am exectly doing what you says
Yes I know I shoudl use load , exit and run in my macro
but even when I type AnyBodyCon.exe/? it says:
Error Command Expected !!!

Are you sure we are talking about the same thing ???
I am not smart but not too stupid !!
AnyBodyCon.exe is an application when clicking on it a blck Dos window opens !!
right ?
Should I type AnyBodyCon.exe/? there ?
If yes , it does not work!!!:confused::mad:

No, in the last 3 messages I am trying to explain that it is an application and you have 2 possibilities:

  1. To open the prompt mode and type commands such as: ‘run/load/exit/etc’
    Here you can use “runmacro” command that will run your mymacro.anymcr is you type: runmacro “mymacro.anymcr”

  2. Call this application from Windows using AnyBodyCon.exe and supply the path to the anymacro file to perform all of the ‘run/load/exit’ commands without getting into the prompt mode. And do it from the command line. For that you would use /m mymacro.anymcr.

As well as that you can get help information about AnyBodyCon.exe by typing AnyBodyCon.exe /? in the command line (the same as in MS DOS command line).

You cannot use options from from 2., if you have started 1.


Dear Pavel

Many Thanks !!
yes runmacro worked and I will have a good sleep tonight !

If you don’t mind , would you please tell me how to call AnyBodyCon.exe via windows ?
because I am really interested in dealing with this software
I also want to run it via matlab

by the way
for calling AnyBody via mAtlab
i use this code :
CommandDos = sprintf(’“AnyBodyCon.exe” /m %s’,nom_ANY );

and it successfully run AnyBody6 but not AnyBody 5.2

Shall i change anything in the above code to be compatible with AnybOdy 5.2 ?

When you told me AnyBodyCon.exe/m to run console via windows , did you mean the task I have done via matlab for example ?

Yes, exactly. I meant via command line console application (cmd.exe).

Something most likely has changed between 5.2 and 6.0 (you could also find it yourself in the release notes). But why do you need to use 5.2? It is recommended to use the later version.


A good question !!!
because only two students can use one license at the same time !!!
we have AnyBody 5.2 and AnyBody 6 in our office and two of my classmates using AnyBody 6
so i must use AnyBody 5.2

Now I can import my macro file via AnyBodyCon.exe using runmacro but it is extremely slow !!
While I call Anybody via matlab it is very fast !
but my matlab code(written above ) only can call AnyBody 6 but not 5

The Command : !AnyBodyCon.exe " also can call AnyBody 6 via matlab but not Any 5.2 !!!


we put a little example for beginners on how to use batch files on our Wiki.

I’m not sure but maybe your problem comes from the fact you have the 2 versions installed on your computer ; did you followed the tutorial helping deal with several version of the anybodycon.exe ??

Of what I read, you’re using my matlab version ; did you changed the anybody version name when needed ??