How to model a paralysis?

"The inverse dynamics solvers have been extended with the ability to handle what we call auxiliary constraints. Typical examples are:

Bounds on the activity of certain muscles, for instance to model partially paralyzed muscles."

I dont really get how to model this partial paralysis…
I’d like to model a paralyzed M. infraspinatus (to which degree I dunno yet), maybe u can help me out.
Up to now I multiplied F with a constant factor to reduce the force the muscle can exert.


basically you can add bounds to the muscle activations (and forces). So e.g. say a muscle cannot be activated below 0.3 and above 0.7. The muscle will always be active to at least 0.3 of its max and not more then 0.7. Another new option is to couple the activations of muscles.
You may also want to have a look at the webcast Søren gave recently, you can find it on the page.
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