How to obtain joint angles

Dear companions
After doing inverse kinematics, I came up with the idea of exporting three-axis angle data at the ankle joint, but I did not see the option to export angles in the following path. Currently, I lack experience with AnyBody. Please help me answer any questions, I would greatly appreciate it!

Path: Main Studies InverseDynamicStudy Output BodyModel SelectedOutput Right Leg JointReactionForce Hip-AnteroPosteriorForce
Thank you.

Hi Hoda,

The joint angle outputs can be found in another place. Please look at the folders:


MannequinValues uses the standard mannequin joint angles format that you can also drive to set the joint angles in some models. The values are in degrees.

Interface folder lists out all the joint angles in the human body. It also includes some joint angles that are normally not driven through the Mannequin drivers, and therefore do not exist in the other folder. These values are in radians.

Lastly, please note that we have plantarflexion and subtalar eversion angles at the ankle complex.

If there is a specific way that you want to measure a joint angle, you can also define it using AnyKinRotational.

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Dear Divyaksh S. Chander,

Thank you very much for your reply. Under your guidance, I have found it, and the methods you have introduced to me will provide great help for my future learning and use.

Best wishes!