How to reset center of mass (sCoM) coordinates?

Hi everybody/AnyBody,

I'm working with two consecutive Studies in my model (Study1, Study2).

  • 'InitialConditions' in Study1 changes the global position of a center of mass (CoM).
  • in Study2 I want to first re-set the position of the CoM with new values.

I tried using the AnyOperationSetValue function in Study2:

AnyOperationSetValue SetValue = {
  Target = { &Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Segment.sCoM };      
  Source = { &MyNewValues };

But the following warning is reported: "'Set Value' operation on this value-object has broken symbolic dependency. ('Reset Value' to re-establish this dependency)"

How can I Reset the sCoM value?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Tito,

I think this will be ok...

The message you see is a warning, it means that expression which calculates sCoM initially is being broken and replaced with the value you have calculated.

Please try to run the script and verify the initial value of sCoM at load time and check it again after the operation has been done, that you achieved the right result.

Best regards

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