How to Rotate the MaxForceNeckModel

Hi AnyBody
In the MaxForceNeckModel, i want to Rotate the model along the X axis,so I change the code in the Mannequin.any as follow:
AnyFolder Mannequin={
AnyFolder Posture={
AnyVar PelvisPosX=0;
AnyVar PelvisPosY=0;
AnyVar PelvisPosZ=0;
AnyVar PelvisRotX=90;
AnyVar PelvisRotX=0;
AnyVar PelvisRotX=0;
When Reload the model ,the model rotate along the X axis 90° ,but then I run the Kinematics ,the model back into the original. I guess the error due to the Joints and Driver problems ,and I trying to change the codes in the JointsAnd Drivers Folder ,but failure.

In other model ,I also Encounter the same problem. Can you give me some Suggestions about How to solve this problem .

thank you for help.
Best wish to you


Hello Yang,

the easiest way to change the orientation of the body was to change joints and drivers in the file JointsAndDrivers.any file as you already looked at.
I think what could help for your problem could be to maybe change the Axes of the revolute joint GroundPelvisJnt and change the position (DriverPos) of the GroundPelvisJntDriver, both in the top of the file.

Best regards