How to upgrade the model to version 4.0 in ‘paf-anybody-example-main’?

I want to have a complete thoracic spine when importing motion capture data.

Hi zyax,

I did not understand your question. But I have answered another question of yours, which is about the scoliosis MOCAP model in the forum :slight_smile:

Dear Hamed,
Thank you for your reply. There is an example of collaboration between anybody and qualisys. The example is named 'paf-anybody-example-main', but it uses the 3.0 version of the model. Now I want to use the 4.0 version of the model. What should I do to modify it? I tried to modify the path in 'libdef.any', but it resulted in an error.

Hi Zyax,

There are some other posts on the forum about using mocap data for flexible thorax model. For example, please see this one: AMMR4 beta Kinematic analysis failed - Main Forum - AnyScript forum

If you still have some doubts, please don't hesitate to ask.

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