How to use every frame specific articular angle data to do simulation

I have a set of data about whole body articular angle during vertical jump.
I know how to change standing model by modify articular flexion(adduction rotation)value in mannequin file
But, I don’t know how to use correctly syntax to input every frame data in standing model
So,I hope find some advise in forum
If you know how to fix this question,please give me some advise.very appreciate!

Hi Changfa,

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It will be a little bit cumbersome, but it is doable. Firstly, I would suggest you start with the NewFromTemplate -> Human as the Standing model has some additional constraints to keep the model in balance.

Then, you can add your drivers using AnyKinEqInterPolDriver. You would need to point to the measure of the joint angle in the interface folder and provide an input file. If you have all the joint angles in a single file, then you can load the input file and simply pass the values in the driver.

Also remember to update the study end time and nsteps according to your trial.

Once you have got all the drivers, you can comment out the line that includes the pointer to the DefaultMannequinDrivers in your model in the Main file. These drivers are there as soft drivers and ensure that your model runs while you add your drivers.

Please go through our tutorials and see the reference manual for the classes for more info and demo examples.

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Very appreciate for your help!