Implement AnyReacForce Moment around only one axis


I would like to implement an AnyReacForce as a moment around only one axis.
I have an independent segment (orange) above the shoulder and a node (green) on the lower arm.
I would like to implement a moment from orange to green node, but only around the y-Axis of the orange segment (RefFrame directions are equal to global coordinate system).

Can you please help, how I could do that?

I tried using AnyKinRotational Measures of Type RotAxesAngles with AnyReacForce. But when I use the MeasureOrganizer = {1} to only use the y-Axis, the calculated moments don't point in the y-direction.

Thanks a lot

Hi ElenaG,

A rotational measure with RotAxesAngles has three rotations in a sequence. I would ensure that the frist axis of rotation (Axis1) in the measure is the y axis . If this not the case as you have it now you can rotate the nodes you are using to define the measure by changing the ARel value of them. So make both the nodes you use for the measure point in the same direction with the y axis. I think this will make it easier to control the axis.

Best regards

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