Import data in a batch file

hi my firends
I need to run anybody many times
How can i write a batch file that available get joint trajectory for each run?

Two ways from the top of my head to do that:

  1. make a base model with the joint, but also submodels/sub-studies with a particular trajectory in the drivers (if not too many scenarios). Then you can write an AnyMacro file which defines the sequence of operations (for ex. run SubStudy1.InverseDynamics, run SubStudy1.InverseDynamics), and can be called from a console version of AnyBody (something like: runmacro ‘youbatchfile.anymcr’). Please read the manual on AnyMacro usage.

  2. You can build a model with the motion in a separate file (either full syntax or refer to AnyInterpoFun in the manual) and overwrite this file with needed trajectory file before calling the macro file from console. If you are familiar with Matlab/Python/shell/ or other programming/scripting languages that will not be a problem.

Hope this helps.


i want to know if there is a possibility in anybody that we can import a scan file af a person ( for examle his vertebra) to the standing model?how?

thanks a lot

I don’t know , Ask your question in a new Thread