importing c3d files

Hi, I have a problem to import c3d files.
When I get a motion capture data by using Qualysis system, it doesn’t have a problem to do it.
But when I get a motion capture data by using Vicon system, it has a problem.
I makes an error message which is ‘ group names in the c3d file are not unique. ‘.
But marker names are surely unique.
I contact Vicon system engineer then he doesn’t know about it.
Do you know what the problem is?
Please check the attached fie.

the problem in this particular C3d file seems to be that you have two folders named Processing. Could you change your export or edit it to get rid of the second on, which is empty anyway?
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I liked your work, and eager to know how have you created c3d using forceplate and qualisys data. This could help me in my work. Thanks