Increasing optimization speed

You know, that ParameterStudy and Optimiztion are complex operations and take a lot of time.
How can I accelerate it? What do you recommend? More productively to get more RAM or increase the number of processors for computing? Does the program parallelization process?


Unfortunately AnyBody does not support parallelization, sorry.

There is a few tricks that you may know already:

When running large analysis close down the ModelView this helps a little.

Consider using the console application for large optimization problems, this will usually run sligthly faster, since it does not have any overhead from the GUI.

You should also consider if the number of timesteps could be lowered this will of course save you time. Similarly you should also reduce the number of limbs in the model to the minimum, if you do not need the output from the left leg for example, then leave it out.

Concerning the RAM this is will usually not be the limiting factor but take look in the task manager when you are running and see if you are above the limit of physical RAM then it would increase speed to have more.

I hope some of the suggestions will help you gain speed :wink:

Best regards

And what's about AnyBody ver.5?
It still does not support parallelization?

Hi, no it doesn’t.


I have a related question, I am looking for a new computer for work also to run the anybody software. I was wondering if there are some important hardware features of the pc that runs optimization and dynamic analysis faster. Maybe in terms of CPU, RAM, graphic/video-card, or maybe you have some other suggestions.

best regards.

In addition, I have another question, which is maybe because of low memory. I have a problem after running optimisation and dynamic analysis, after this I want to see the results in a chart. However very often it occurs that the program shuts down when starting the chart (when doing large vicon C3D-files). Or could it be a bug?


We don’t really have recomendations, most of the PC on the market now will do. For example a processor around 2.3GHz and 2Go RAM will do a fairly good job in term of speed.

It is possible that the chart issue is related to memory. Can you confirm that it happens only with large data files and not with small ones? Try to check it by having the task manager open next time, and look at the physical memory if it gets full before the crash.
And what version of AMS do you have?

Best regards, Sylvain.

I have version 5.0. So I don’t think that’s the problem. I think it is indeed a memory issue, next time I will keep an eye on the task manager. Most of the times the shut downs occur after running a large file.

thanks for your help!