inserting lumbar spine implant

i want to insert a lumbar spine implant (pedicle screw + rod) and analyze the spine and implant loads and moments and also muscles activity during different activities like gait.
is it possible to do it with anybody?
pedicle screws are implanted into vertebra and rods connect two screw to each other so the loads can transmit from rods instead of vertebra.

Dear Hossein,

It is not an easy task and possibly a combination of FEA + AnyBody would be the right approach to do it. We have an example in the AMMR, called SpineFixationWithForceDepKinematics, where a system of rods was introduced. The rods were modelled by a force as a function of the relevant IVA, where the relationship was derived from an FE analysis.

So something is possible, but it might simply be easier to combine AnyBody output with FEA.

Kind regards,