Let me introduce myself; I should have done this as my first post. I
am a PhD student at the University of California, Davis. I am working
in the Occupational Biomechanics Laboratory in the Biological and
Agricultural Engineering Department. My focus is ergonomics,
and I’ll be using AnyBody to model certain aspects of manual
labor in agriculture.


I am a master student at Aalborg University, Denmark. I am the second
half of a group, that has been modelling a cow forelimb in Anybody. And
I share Christian gammelgaards, (another member of this group) point of
view concerning the possibilities and perspectives in the use of this
biomechanical modelling system.

I have joined this group to educate myself regarding the use of Anybody
and Anyscript, and to help others if possible.

I will myself be using the system at least for the next year during the
completion of my masters degree.

Yours sincerely
Daniel Johansen

Hi Everyone,
My name is Mark Kayanja I am an orthopaedic surgeon currently working
in the Spine biomechanics research lab at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio
USA. My interests are assessment of the neglected club foot and
biomechanics of the spine. I am a new user of AnyBody Technology and am
looking to this forum for help with the software.
Thank you
Mark Kayanja


I’m sorry about leaving out my introduction in my first post.

My name is Nick and I’m currently doing research at Michigan State
University involving office ergonomics. I’ve been using the AnyBody
software to analyze deep tissue back muscles and also to compare data
from experiments to surface muscle activity.

Currently I’m modeling a work environment for the seated human model.