Inverse dynamic analysis problem

Hi, all

I’m trying to solve gymnastics motion with ANYBODY. So modified freeposturemove model from Repository7. I only input joint angle into some joints. I successfully performed kinematic analysis with nomuscle model, but if I change the model into fullbody model, then I kept failing in inverse dynamic analysis. I think there are no interactions with the environment, so the results of muscle forces will be incorrect, but the timing of the muscle activation is what I need. Would it be analyzed by my model?

Please take a look at my model. Thank you~
Currently the model includes no_muscle model, so need to change it into fullbody model.

Sungwoo Park

Hi Sungwoo

It sounds as a problem with the boundary conditions, you need to ensure that the model has enough boundary conditions in order to balance it self, so it can not have no boundary conditions that would not work. The minimum would be six dof to constrain the rigid body motion of the entire model. Secondly you should also check the accelerations of the segments if these are too high it will also cause problems.

I have not been looking into your model yet because this posting is not in the right forum because it is a “debug” request. According to the structure of the new forum (please see the description of the different forums) this thread should now go into one of the two debugging forum’s (as you are asking for debugging).

So please choose one of the two (please read the description for each) and create a new thread in the debug section with your files. Thank you.

Best regards, Søren