inverse dynamics fail

Hello sir

In the model while running inverse dynamic analysis, the analysis fails at the 45th step, stating to use larger Augcog Coef value, I searched in the script to change the value but couldn’t find anything related to the issue.
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I took a quick look at the model but it seems to have no forces applied?

Please explain the purpose of the model and its loading conditions?

The error that you get is related to muscle wrapping, there is one muscle subscapularis which fails to wrap around the bone.

see the error

"WARNING(OBJ1) :   C:/U..s/st/A..h/A..t/O..s/A..o/Body/A..n/Arm/Muscle.any(890)  :   subscapularis_6.SPLine  :  Number of allowed iterations for contact solution has been exceeded in Main.Studies.HumanModel.BodyModel.Left.ShoulderArm.Mus.subscapularis_6.SPLine. Final error at time 4.229072e+000: 5.586086e-008 rel error, 1.405271e-005 abs error
ERROR(OBJ1) :   C:/U..s/st/A..h/A..t/O..s/A..o/Body/A..n/Arm/Muscle.any(890)  :   subscapularis_6.SPLine  :  Factorization of stiffness matrix for velecity analysis failed. Try to use a use a larger AugLagCoef value"

In the wiki pages there is a troubleshooting section related to this, please

Please see the section “OOS contact solver failure” i think your issue could be similar.

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