Is it possible to determine the intersection point between a vector & a surface?


Is it possible to determine the intersection point between a vector & a surface?

I’ve attached a Model with a surface and 3 vectors. And I would like to know, where the intersection points are in relation to the reference frame of the segment.

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Regarding your question, there is currently no function that can do that automatically.

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So the only possibility is to approximate the intersection point by visual comparison?

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As in the previous answer, we don’t have that kind of function.
So as you can guess, only the visual comparison may be available.

Maybe you can develop your own function using Python or C++, but I’m not sure whether this is appropriate for your purpose.

You can see AnyFunEx class examples here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\AnyBody Technology\AnyBody.5.2\Documentation\AnyScriptReference\demo\ClassExamples\AnyFunEx

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Another question in the same context.

Is it possible to measure the shortest distance between a node and a surface.

I’ve attached a Model.

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You can use AnyParamSurfAnalytical class which can measure the distance between a point and a surface. In this case, the type of the surface should be analytical such as cylinder, ellipsoid or sphere.

In your model, it seems that you use the term ‘surface’ for mesh data.
Unfortunately, currently AnyBody does not have any kinematic measure between a point and a mesh data.

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That’s a pity. But nevertheless your answer helps me.

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