Issue Encountered Exporting CAD Files to AnyScript


I'm reaching out to seek assistance regarding a challenge I've encountered while attempting to export CAD files into AnyScript.

We currently possess CAD files in STEP format for our exoskeletons. However, upon attempting to export these files into AnyScript, I've noticed that SolidWorks encounters errors and I end up with empty .any files. Interestingly, the .stl files are visible in the folder.

Could you please provide guidance on the appropriate export settings or any adjustments necessary to facilitate a successful export into AnyScript?

Hi Mohamad,

The AnyBody exporter for SolidWorks works best with SolidWorks part file. Is it possible for you to save the step files as part file, then make an assembly out of the part files and then export the model through the exporter?

Best regards,