Joining markers for upper parts of body

In AB I’ve found the discription about correctly joining markers to pair leg+sacrum, which determine the kinematics of the model (markers could move in one, two or three directions).
And now I’m trying to join markers to the hand and thorax, but in all my attempts I’ve got one of this two errors:

  1. Study ‘Main.Study’ contains too few kinematic constraints to be kinematically determinate.
  2. Model is kinematically indeterminate : Position analysis failed : k independent constraints and n>k unknowns.
    Could you help me?

you need to keep track of the number of degrees of freedom, meaning if you release one Dof you have to provide another driver. I you for example take away the Glenohumeral flexion driver in the shoulder you have to attach a marker at e.g. the hand and provide the information for flexion. The best way to overcome such problems is to deal with the dof one by one and keep the model running. It may get tough if you simply remove all drivers and afterwards try to fix it. The good news is that with the next release of the AMS most of this problem are resolved as its possible to handle overdetermined systems. The release will be within the next weeks.
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