Joint Angle Output and Joint Moment Measure


I’m looking at the Charts for Joint Angles and Joint Moment Measure.

I get strange values if I compare it to the same parameters in the software Visual 3D, in Visual 3D the unit for moments is Nm and Degrees for angles.

I haven’t been able to find out the units of these parameters in Anybody.

For example, what are the units of the Ankle Plantar Flexion Angle and the Ankle Plantar Flexion Angle?

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Dear Hrefna,

AnyBody is using the MKS unit system. (meter, kilogram and second).
And angle will be described in ‘Radians’.
Moment will be described in ‘Nm’.

But you can define your own kinematic measurement like this:

AnyKinMeasureLinComb AnklePlantarFlexion_Left_InDegree = 
    AnyKinMeasure& ref = ...HumanModel.Interface.Left.AnklePlantarFlexion ;
    Coef = {{180/pi}};
    OutDim = 1;

Or you can simply create a new variable like this:

AnyVar AnklePlantarFlexion_Left_InDegree = ...HumanModel.Interface.Left.AnklePlantarFlexion * (180/pi);

The good thing of making a new kinematic measurement (using AnyKinMeasureLinComb class) is that you can use this new measurement for making drivers and constraints.

I hope this may help you.

Best regards,

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