Joint Reaction Force


I am looking at joint reaction force data at the hip for the standard .C3D file (Gaitprocessed003) in Anybody AMMRV 1.5.

When looking at the Joint Reaction Force data I get data from three different planes of which then I find the resultant foce. This is nothing like Bergmanns data so I was wondering what I was doing wrong? I have attached the file


when I run GaitNormal0003-processed, the result look different. They are more smooth, include less peaks and are comparable with typical Gait patterns and Bergmann data.


Additionally, I don’t think your graph looks very different from Bergmann data or from other typical Gait curves. The 2 peaks for heel strike and toe off are not always that clear (also for the different subjects from Bergmann). values are between 2 and 3x BW, so that is also good.

Attached is left leg with 3E muscles, indicating the same range of forces. I guess you modified max muscle strength values.