Kinematic analysis failed

Hi AnyBody support,

I want to use the C3D file that I measured at Vicon.
But I fail in the execution of the optimization.
ERROR (OBJ.MCH.KIN3): C :confused: U…s/t…o/A…a/R…g/A…y/A…3/A…o/A … n/E…s/G…4/GaitFullBody.main.any: MotionOptimization.InitialConditions: Kinematic analysis failed in time step 0

I read the wiki.
Initial position of TrialSpecificData.any is not good?
How should I change the initial position?

AMS version is 5. 2. 0. and AMMR version is 1.5 .

Please check this file.


Dear Rie,

This is the self supported forum where you can’t expect our official support.

Could you write a new post on here:

Additionally I hope that you can write more about your experiment system in the new post regarding:

  1. The motion capture system and the marker set which you used.
  2. The force plate system.

Also I hope that you can update your profile including your full name and organization.

Best regards,