Kinematic analysis failed

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I want to use the C3D file obtained by using the Vicon512 and treadmill.
But I fail in the execution of the optimization.
ERROR (OBJ.MCH.KIN3): C :confused: U…s/t…o/A…a/R…g/A…y/A…3/A…o/A … n/E…s/G…4/GaitFullBody.main.any: MotionOptimization.InitialConditions: Kinematic analysis failed in time step 0

I read the wiki.
Initial position of TrialSpecificData.any is not good?
How should I change the initial position?

AMS version is 5. 2. 0. and AMMR version is 1.5 .

Please check this file.

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Hi Rie,

Attached please find the modified version of your model.

  1. It seems that you are not using the VICON plug-in marker set. Anyway I could see that you tried to define some new markers quite well. I did some modifications on them.(ModelSetup.any file)

  2. In the ‘ModelSetup.any’ file, now you can adjust ‘FrontFrameOffset’ and ‘LastFrameOffset’ values to determine the duration of simulation time.

  3. Because your C3D file does not have enough number of markers in the upper body, I had to use some extra drivers. (ExtraDrivers.any file)

  4. Also you don’t have enough markers on the arms so I had to exclude them(BodyPartsSetup2.any and BodyPartsSetup.any files)

  5. Most important thing is that your C3D file contains four force plates. Among them there are two long treadmill force plates. And those information is something different from what we expected. So I had to modify our force plate class template and put those in the model file.

My suggestion is that you should put the correct subject’s information such as mass, height and segment lengths in the TrialSpeicifcData.any file.

Also it would be better if you can use the VICON plug-in gait marker set because you are using the VICON motion capture system.

I hope this may help you.

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