Kinematic analysis


Am having problems with my model as I keep having a kinematic analysis failed at time 52. Not sure what to do. Can one of you guys help please.



Attached please find a modified version of your model.

And let me explain what I’ve changed on your previous model.

  1. In ‘ModelSetup.any’ file, I changed the first and last frame no. of simulation. Because the result of inverse dynamics analysis will be only meaningful when the ground reaction forces exist.
  AnyIntVar FirstFrame = C3DFileData.Header.FirstFrameNo+140; 
  AnyIntVar LastFrame = C3DFileData.Header.LastFrameNo-230;
  AnyIntVar nStep =(LastFrame-FirstFrame+1);
  1. Also in ‘ModelSetup.any’ file, I changed the locations of markers and its OptX, OptY, OptZ properties. Please look at them carefully and compare with your original settings.

  2. I put the following code inside ‘KinematicStudyForParameterIdentification’ study:

      InitialConditions.MaxIteration = 5000;
      Kinematics.MaxIteration = 5000;

Please look at the reference manual of ‘AnyBodyStudy’ class object.

I hope this may help you.

Best regards,