Kinematics of Taekwondo kick motion

Hi all,

I tried to perform the MotionAndParameterOptimization of Taekwondo kick motion.

The kick motion data was captured using VICON camera system.

Because I got only the motion data of it without ground reaction force data,
so I could not perform the inverse dynamics of it.

You can see the video of this motion here:

That looks good, Moonki. I am glad I am not on the receiving end of that kick. I think there might be a little bit of adjustment necessary in the ankle pronation. This might be due to inaccurate marker placements on the foot.



Yes. Because I’ve got the motion of the Taekwondo player in form of C3D directly, I could not know whether there are some mistakes in the motion capture procedure itself.

The purpose of this example is to know whether the MotionAndParameterOptimization of AnyBody can be applied to some complex motions such as Taekwondo.
And my conclusion is that it is possible. Also this result can be improved if the motion capture procedure can be also improved.

My next target is the ballet motion. :slight_smile:

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