Knee Bend from Standing Human

Dear AnyBody Team,
I’m trying to create a simple model of Knee Bend starting from the template “Human Standing”.
I followed the steps from this guide at this link:

…but when I enter : “ConditionalContactFootPlaneClass RightFootSupport (
BaseObject = Main.Model.Environment.GlobalRef,
Foot = .LegR.Seg.Foot,
DisplayTriggerVolume = 0,
DisplayTargetNode =1
) = {
UserDefinedLimitLow = -0.05;
UserDefinedLimitHigh = 0.05;
UserDefinedRadiusLimit = 0.4;
Strength = 2000;
StaticFrictionCoefficient = 0.8;
NormalDirection = Y;
FrictionDirection1 = X;
FrictionDirection2 = Z;

Anybody returns the following message : “ERROR(SCR.PRS11) : C:/U…s/A…y/A…a/R…g/A…y/J…0/A…o/A…n/E…s/K…n/K…d/M…l/JointsAndDrivers.any(35) : ‘(’ unexpected
Model loading skipped”

Could someone tell me what I should do to fix it?
Best Regards,

Dear Jonathan,

Please upload your full model here if you want us to have a look on your model:

Best regards,

Thanks for the quick response Moonki, will load the model in the appropriate section.
Best regards,