Knee Bend from Standing Human

Dear AnyBody Team,
I’m trying to create a simple model of Knee Bend starting from the template “Human Standing”.
I followed the steps from this guide at this link:

…but when I enter : “ConditionalContactFootPlaneClass RightFootSupport (
BaseObject = Main.Model.Environment.GlobalRef,
Foot = .LegR.Seg.Foot,
DisplayTriggerVolume = 0,
DisplayTargetNode =1
) = {
UserDefinedLimitLow = -0.05;
UserDefinedLimitHigh = 0.05;
UserDefinedRadiusLimit = 0.4;
Strength = 2000;
StaticFrictionCoefficient = 0.8;
NormalDirection = Y;
FrictionDirection1 = X;
FrictionDirection2 = Z;

Anybody returns the following message : “ERROR(SCR.PRS11) : C:/U…s/A…y/A…a/R…g/A…y/J…0/A…o/A…n/E…s/K…n/K…d/M…l/JointsAndDrivers.any(35) : ‘(’ unexpected
Model loading skipped”

Could someone tell me what I should do to fix it?
Best Regards,

I apologize, I uploaded the wrong model … the right model is in this post


  1. If you want to use some class templates, you should declare those definitions before the start of ‘Main’ block :
    #include “<ANYBODY_PATH_TOOLBOX>\FrictionContactMuscles\ConditionalContactClass.any”
    #include “<ANYBODY_PATH_TOOLBOX>\FrictionContactMuscles\ConditionalContact3PointsClass.any”
    #include “<ANYBODY_PATH_TOOLBOX>\FrictionContactMuscles\ConditionalContactFootPlaneClass.any”

Attached please find a modified version of your model.

Best regards,

Dear mkjung9980,
Thanks a lot for the help
Now the model is loaded successfully. :slight_smile:

Dear mkjung9980,
I have a question related to this knee bend model.
Is there a way to ensure that the mannequin bends defining only the position of the pelvis?
I mean, defining only the vertical position (y) of the pelvis, can the model automatically determine, for example, the knee flexion to perform? (consider that the left and right feet are fixed to the ground)
I hope I have clearly explained my problem.
Thank you in advance for any advice.


Because your model contains several extra default(soft) drivers,
you can try to add a hard driver which can adjust the height of pelvis.

Then the other soft drivers will be compromised to satisfy that hard driver.

According to your situations, you may have to shift the types of other hard drivers as soft, too.

Best regards,