Knee Bend Model, help with the code

Good afternoon,

I am trying to incorporate the Knee Bend code ( How to make a KneeBend Model from a template · AnyBody/support Wiki · GitHub) but I can't seem to incorporate the Right Foot code to the Standing Model, because it is giving me the mistake "Unsolved object" on this line of code

Could someone please help me?

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Hi Beatriz,

This is a really old page and, unfortunately, has not been updated to keep up with the current AMMR version. In the current AMMR (2.4.4), the human standing template already includes all the additions that are suggested in the wiki page. You might as well skip to the last step about setting posture velocities in Mannequin.any file.

As for the specific error you are facing, you can fix this by typing:

AnyRefNode &Ball = Main.Model.BodyModel.Right.Leg.Seg.Foot.ToeJoint;

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