knee flexion moment

Dear AnyBody,

I am sharing some of my gait data with collaborators and I need to be clear on the outputs from AnyBody at the knee.

I’ve seen in under the ‘SelectedOutputs’ the knee flexion moment has been reversed within the script.

Do we now assume that the knee flexion moment output is now a reaction moment rather than a driving moment about the flexion axis?

Best wishes


Hi Peter,

The variable KneeFlexion represent the moment created by the muscles around the knee axis, a guess this is what you call driving moment. The minus sign in the script comes from the way the moment is measured, it has been introduced so the sign of the value is coherent with the naming (KneeFlexion). So a positive value of the moment means a flexion moment and a negative value means an extending moment.

Best regards, Sylvain.