L2L3 joint without degrees of freedom

i want to fuse L2 and L3 seg so they act like a unique segment. is it possible to remove 3 rotational degrees of freedom of L2L3 joint or there is any other way to do this?
i think another way is to fuse L2 and L3 in a CAD software and import it into Anybody?
which one is the simplest way and how can i do that?

Dear Hossein,

Please have a look at the SpineFixationWithForceDepKinematics example. It exemplifies how one can change the kinematic spine rhythm (a combined driver for the whole lumbar spine) to use individual intervertebral angles.

I think you can either modify the rhythm to fix the joint or use the Force-Dependent Kinematics solver to find the position around the balance of all other joints based on muscular and external forces.

Kind regards,