Language for the repairing of markers

I have input the c3d file. But there is one marker on the pelvis that disappear for a short time.
First, I think this marker will not affect the whole process, but the movement is strange when the marker disappears or goes to somewhere far away and I can not stand with that;
Second I run the process without that marker, but as there are only two markers on the plevis, the movement is strange too. Also, the muscle shows overloaded.
I am wondering if there is some language to help the process. That is to say when I add the marker and run the process, The model will amend automatically when the marker disappear for a short moment.
Or I have to fix the marker in Vicon and export again.
Thank you


There is a solution, if the marker is only gone for a short moment, and there is still enough other markers visible.

In the MarkerProtocol.any file you can set this setting to be “On” for the markers

This is deafult in the mocap model of AMMR see e.g.

CreateMarkerDriver RASI (
MarkerName= RASI, 
) = {
  sRelOpt = {0.035, 0.005, 0.125};

Hope it helps

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