Length_mass_fat scaling

Hi all,
I’m Noemi.

I’m trying to scale a model using specific weights and heights by Anybody 7.1 and AMMR_Thorax_beta. The problem is when typing in the Main file

#path BM_SCALING_ANTHRO_FILE “Model/ScolioticPatient.any”

(where ScolioticPatient is the file containing all the details specified in Anyman.any)

the following error occurs
ERROR(SCR.SCN7) : D:/D…p/u…p/TESI/A…I/A…n/Beta/T…v/StandingModel.Main.any(70) : ‘BM_SCALING’ : Identifier already defined at : D:\Desktop\ultimo back up\TESI\AMMR_Thorax_beta NOEMI\Body\AAUHuman\BodyModels\GenericBodyModel\BodyModel.defaults.any(7).

In BodyModel.defaults.any(7) there is the following

#ifndef BM_SCALING

then it seems that Anybody cannot recognize the if statement.
How could I fix it?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards,

Hi Noemi,

It looks like you define this line after the #include “<ANYBODY_PATH_BODY>/HumanModel.any”.
These pre-processor statements, #define and alike, are order sensitive. What happened was that the HumanModel.any did not find any previous definitions and constructed a default set in order to build the model. If you want it to have effect - copy these lines before.

Kind regards,

It works!
Thanks, I really appreciate your help.

Kind regards,

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