Let trigger volume follow the foot in normal direction in GRF prediciton model

Hi all,

I was wondering: how can I let the trigger volume for GRF prediction follow the foot also in the normal direction? At the moment, it only follows the CoP on the level ground plane, but I would like to experiment with GRF prediction in multi-level trials.

Is there an easy way to accomplish this?


Hi Marco

I don’t think there is a easy way to do this. Also note that it is just a visual thing when you say the trigger volume appear to be following the foot in the horizontal direction. The trigger volume is basically just a fixed plate/floor of very large size. It is only the visualization that follows the foot.

I think you can change the implementation so the plate has a limited size or shape. Maybe you can then add more plates at different heights to represent stairs etc. Sorry, it is not really something which we have tried.

@msan00 Have any of your students ever done something like this?

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Hi Marco and Morten

I think it is in principle possible to make but comes with a limitation worth thinking about. Currently, the contact is detected by two conditions: 1) the node is close ground and 2) the vertical velocity is close to zero.

If you want to allow the plate to move vertically automartically, you cannot use condition 1 anymore. Hence, you would get contact anywhere in space when the velocity is low. Whether that will work for your application, I do not know.

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Hi Michael,

Thank you. Yes, I also thought about that, but I could not easily predict whether that would make sense for the activities we have. For now we decided to prioritize other activities that occur mostly on the level-ground.

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