Ligament Wrapping

I would like to include ligaments, that can wrap around bones (STL files).
How would I do that?
Is it possible to use the STL surface for the wrapping?
Can I do something like that:

"AnyLigament Dorsal_Radioscaphoid_1 ={
AnyKinSPLine pdRS_1 = {
AnyRefNode &Ori = Main.WristModel.Bones.Radius.dRS_1;
AnySurface &Surf = Main.WristModel.Bones.Scaphoid.STLSurface;
AnyRefNode &Ins = Main.WristModel.Bones.Scaphoid.dRS_1;
StringMesh = 20;
#include "Ligament_draw.any"
AnyVar Stiffness = 55.0;
#include "Ligament_Model.any" //(AnyLigamentModelPol funktion to define the ligaments attributes)

Best Viktoria

Hi Viktoria,

Yes, that should be possible. The code looks like it should work.

Best regards,