Linear Motion with Solidworks Model

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I am currently trying to load a Solidworks model into AnyBody, I found this tutorial (Making the translated AnyScript model move — AnyBody Tutorials v7.3.0) but it only shows how to go about rotational motion and I am currently trying to model a linear bearing sliding along a straight rail. To do this, I am trying to use an AnyKinEqSimpleDriver equations but I am unsure if this is the best way to go about such a task. Could someone help me with this topic?


Hi @SChemini and welcome to the forum!

The AnyKinEqSimpleDriver can be used to drive linear motion as well.
Instead of pointing at a AnyKinRotational you can point it to drive a AnyKinLinear measure.
You can then use the drivers MeasureOrganizer variable to specify along with axis to drive the motion, just as in the tutorial.

I hope this helps, otherwise feel free to reach out again.

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