Link of Constraint no. to Drivers

Dear AnyBody Team,

I’m currently working with kinematic models to predict motion. The following error message shows up, when the position analyses cannot be solved:

Constraint no. 233 above error tolerance 0.000001, error = 0.000001.
Constraint no. 352 above error tolerance 0.000001, error = 0.000001.

I was wondering if there is a possibility to find out which driver was violated by using the displayed constraint no. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link between the constraint no and the drivers. Can you help me out?

Thanks a lot!


Please have a look at this trouble shooting guide.

It is not possible to know which of the soft drivers in the model relates to these numbers.

If error happens in first frame i would try to improve initial positions a bit, and if the model is marker driven? i would try to improve the location of the markers to be as realistic as possible.

If none of this works i would remove remove arms or legs from the model and ensure the model would run then gradually add complexity to the model again, this is described in the guide above.

Best regards