Literature about Seated Human Model


Hi AnyBody Support;

Is there any literature published for the Seated Human model which is available in AnyBody Model Repository as a demo model. We observe some conditional contacts being defined in interior regions of the human body which not expected to get into contact with seating. Also we would like to increase the number of contact points in this model and would like to understand the rationale behind selection of these conditional contact points. Any hints and/or guidance will be very much appreciated.

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Can Ozcan


Hi Can,

I don’t think there is a publication for this model - the model serves a purpose of demonstration how to design your models, and in particular the contact elements. The amount of points is quite low - there are points that would affect lumbar segments and the rigid thorax (which is a single segment), and the task is perfectly symmetric. If you expect some asymmetry - more points laterally would make more sense.

I made some more suggestions in the seconds thread.

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