Loads in the Flexible Thorax

Hello team,
I just started working with the new Flexible Thorax model. Since my data is from the type .C3D, I have been using the template MocapExamples\Plug-in gait_FlexibleThorax. I am interested in the outputs from the new thoracic segments, specifically the compressive loads. In the past, I used to locate the JointsForces and there read the results for the respective lumbar segments.

However, I am confused about where or how to read the outputs from the new thoracic segments. I was hoping to have them available on the same "JointForces" tab however they are not. I would appreciate any suggestion/recommendation about how to obtain those outputs.

Thank you. Maria Prado.

Hi Maria,

We have not made the joint reaction forces in the selected output in the beta version, but will do it in the later releases. However, you can easily find the forces on the joints reaction force by going to: HumanModel.BodyModel.Trunk.Joints.Thorax.T7T8(for example).Constraints.Reaction.Fout.

Please note that the x, y, z components of the forces are corresponded to joints coordination. You can see the joint coordination by finding a joint in the model tree and show the node.

Also please note that the forces in the selected output are compression and shear forces. But the forces that you get from the joint reaction forces are not compression or shear forces (you can compare and see the difference in the lumbar joints). They are just x, y, and z force components and if you need the compression force, you have to calculate it :slight_smile: But of course, the overall force will be the same.


Hello Hamed,

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. It is really useful and gives a better idea of how to keep working.

Looking forward to the upcoming releases, for now, we are learning/enjoying the newest version.


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