Hi every body
I designed and fabricated new device for measuring Isometric 3Axial
torque about every level of Lumbar.
We bought Any body recently and I want compare my experimental results
with AnyBody and validate model.
I fix the Pelvic of person and fasten his/her Thorax to a Back-Pad and I
ask him/her to exert his/her MVC.
I have problems to model this exertion.
I found that in the FreePosture model I can lock the pelvic but Does
it have Abdominal Pressure effect ?
If I want test the person in complex posture like “20Felextion-10 right-
lateral Bending,15 right twisting” how can I get my model to this position?

Please guide me about it
Mahmood Reza Azghani
PhD Candidate-Biomechanical Dep.
Sharif University of Tech.

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