Lumbar spine, reference database of continuous vertebral flexion and return

I have a database of continuous lumbar vertebral motion from 133 Healthy controls which I think would be useful to anyone wanting kinematic data to drive their lumbar spine models.
Data is presented at 15hz as participants move through a controlled bending motion. Captured using Video fluoroscopy with a tracking accuracy of 0.5 degrees.

In this Open Access data set, participants perform both Active Weightbearing and Passive Recumbent Flexion and Extension movement. more details on the protocol can be found on the wiki page
"Reference Database of Continuous Vertebral Flexion and Return"

A demonstration of how this data can be converted into a dynamic Spinal rhythm can be found in this publication.

It is also of note that this publication shown that spinal rhythms are constantly changing, dependent on current position, dependent on direction of movement.
All of which should be taking account when using such data to drive kinematic models.

Data is freely available to use, just please cite the database.
Reach out if you have any questions.

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And thank you for sharing the link to your database. It's really interesting and I am sure will be useful in some future work.

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