Lumbopelvic rhythm

I’m trying to model a flexed posture using StandingModel. As I want to modify the angles of Thorax and Pelvis in ‘mannequin.any’, legs rotate in the direction of rotation of pelvis around z. It seems that it is fixed to pelvis. After running Inverse Dynamic, legs are back to the vertical position, but the posture is not the one I needed (flexed trunk with legs in vertical) and the angles are changed. Please help me how to handle this.

Hi Mohamad,

Could you upload your model in the debug section with some more detail explanation?

Then we may be able to help you to improve your models.

Best regards,

Hi Moonki,
Thanks for your answer. I’ve posted my problem in the Debug section.
I’ve already got that I need to remove the CoM constraint. This cons. changes the posture such that its CoM remains in the ref. point.
Now I need to delete CoMdriver and set a driver to fix the legs in the vertical direction. So the trunk can flex in the sagittal plane without any movement in the legs.
I’ve explained my problem in detail in the Debug sec.
I would be very grateful if you can help me.