Marcer protocol suitable for GaitFullBody?


refering to the thread I opened here:

the question I wanted to ask is, if the c3d file we created during our test is suitable for an analysis with GaitFullBody.

The setup was like this:
We placed a person in a chair with an touchscreen monitor in front on a desk. We made the person do several interactions on the screen with the fingers.
We want to analyze what muscles are strained most during this.

We used 8 Markers, is this enough for AnyBody to create a model?

I attached 2 segments of our records, can you please check if they are suitable?

I am using Version AMMRV1.5 and Anybody Version 5. 3. 1. 3556

Kind regards,

Dear lastnick,

First, I could not see the markers available in your C3D files on the MOKKA software. So actually I have not seen the marker trajectory of your C3D files.

It seems that you are interested in the musculoskeletal analysis of the upper body.

Then I would recommend you to use the following markers based on the Vicon plug-in marker set.

I think that 8 markers are not enough.

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