Marker placement protocols

I have runned the ‘GaitLowerExtremity’ of the repository. But I have some questions:

  1. What marker placement protocols is used in the C3D files used?
  2. Can the ‘GaitLowerExtremity’ be runned with a C3D file that uses a different marker placement?
  3. is the lebel of the marker important?

Hi Chan,

Here are some answers

For the Gait model a protocol resembling the plugingait marker protocol was used, but more markers was added on the foot.

You can run the model with almost any marker protocol you like, but of course there need to be enough markers to drive the dof in the model, but the more markers the better.

The markers are defined in the ModelSetup.any file.

The name of the markers used here needs to be identical with the names used in the c3d file otherwise the model will not be able to find the correct data in the c3d file.

Best regards

Thanks for the quick reply, that was helpful.