Marker protocol with Qualisys marker set

I am doing musculoskeletal modelling with a given c3d data. the c3d data has Qualisys marker measurement system and AnyBody(7.2) software uses Vicon measurement system. It would be nice to know if anyone already has a marker protocol marker set with Qualisys measurement system. or any other help pertaining to this issue is welcome.

Hi Bharathhs,

It is not so much a matter of which hardware was used to create the C3D file rather the marker protocol.

In the example files in the Model library we use a modified plugingait protocol, but you can easily modify this to a different protocol.

Please see this wiki page on how to modify the mocap model to run on your own data.

Let us know if you have other questions.

Best regards

Hi Soren
This was a great support. I was very glad for your response. This is a great platform to learn the software.
thank you so much.

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