Markers in GaitUniMiami


I am trying to modify some markers in GaitUniMiami for the kind of
data I have. Obviously the markers dont seem in the right location
they are a bit far from the body.
The problem is that there are 2 markers color One red and one blue
becuase i have 2 postures one normal and one “ill” which I dunno from
where it cames.
but as far as i know, that the markers are colored red in the code so
change should be aplplied on those.
I am trying to make some changes to it the problem is that i cant see
them when i load it again.

Regarding the marker’s location specification

AnyVec3 RANK = {0,0,0}+{0.0012198002128,-0.2481686772072,0.060226625232};

Why do we have two matrices for the definition ? and to which should
the change be applied ?

Taking as an initial guess … Shouldn’t GaitApplication2 optimize the
markers location ?
I have run GaitApplicaiton2 and it loaded successfully with 2
solutions for the left and right ankle which u can see why i have the
ill posture.

I would really appreciate any help in this

Sorry for any incovenience