Mascle recruitment failure! :O

Hi guys,

I am sasi, Graduate student, Mechanical engineering at University of Buffalo, NY. I am currently working on the project wherein I have to use the arm curl model in the repository and build an exo-skeleton around it to minimize the muscle forces. The arm is suppossed to lift a dumb-bell of given weight and the ex0-skeleton should aid the moment of the arm. The exo-skeleton in turn in actuated by a moment at its joint. I used the AnyOpt function to iteratively Optimize the moment such that the muscle forces are minimized. However, I realised that after a few iterations the muscle recuitment analysis fails. Is there any way in which I can prevent this from happening? I am attaching my code to this post. Your help in this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi Sasi,

I understand you are asking for debug. If this is the case then this is not the right place to post your model. You have to post under the debug section. Please when doing so read the conditions of the Debug forum which are different than the AMMR forum.

Best regards, Sylvain.